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UNLIMITED Express  Car Wash Club


Join our Unlimited Car Wash Club and never drive a dirty car again! It couldn’t be easier, simply download the form and take it to your favorite Express, Shammy Shine Car Wash. Our employees will help you complete the application and register your credit card, qualifying you for UNLIMITED car washes. A small RFID tag will be affixed to your windshield, to uniquely identify your vehicle and a monthly recurring charge to your credit card maintains your membership. When you want a wash, so long as we are open, (7 days per week, 7am - 7pm weather permitting and excluding a few holidays), simply pull into the lane and an automatic RFID reader will recognize your vehicle, welcome you to the wash, and expedite your entry into the wash tunnel. Need a car wash today but think it might rain tomorrow…no problem. You can wash your vehicle as frequently as you wish. Our Unlimited Car Wash Club has eliminated the need for person to person contact and adopted the convienence you are looking for in keeping your vehicle clean....

Unlimited Express Exterior Wash - $23.99 per month
Express Exterior Wash and Turbo Blow Dry

Unlimited Express Supreme -  $31.99 per month 
Express Exterior Wash with Rain-X Complete Treatment, Simoniz Triple Foam Polish, Rustex Undercarriage Wash, Wheel Brite, Tire Shine and Turbo Blow Dry

'New Package'

Unlimited Express Total Shine with Hot Wax - $42.99 per month

To signup for the Shammy Shine Wash Club, download the application below, fill out the form and take it to your nearest Express Location.


NJ: 34 Route 12, Flemington - 222 Route 202 Flemington - 181 Center St., Clinton - 86 West Main St., Clinton - 1501 West Ave., Phillipsburg - 415 Roseberry St., Phillipsburg (NOW OPEN!!)

PA: 240 Bushkill Dr., Easton - 2920 William Penn Highway, Palmer - 2640 Kingston Rd., Palmer - 3925 Linden St., Bethlehem - 3310 Airport Rd., Allentown - 2091 31st Street., Allentown

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